Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame

  • In 2011, in combination with the ongoing celebration of Forest Lake Area High School's 100th Graduating Class, district officials decided to create a Hall of Fame to honor those individuals who have contributed so much over the past century in helping make our school district great. The creation of the Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame was a great success, and the induction ceremony included many of the inductees as well as great turnout. Then in 2012, following up on the great success of the district Hall of Fame, Forest Lake Area High School undertook the task of revamping its Athletics Hall of Fame. In June of 2012 - for the first time since 1999 - new members were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    In 2013, a few more changes were enacted. The Athletics Hall of Fame was changed to the Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame, creating a hall of fame that honors not only individuals who helped make our outstanding athletics program strong, but also those outstanding students and advisors in speech, debate, music, robotics and other Minnesota State High School League-sponsored competitions.

District Hall of Fame Nominations

  • Timeline

    Nominations are typically accepted in February and March of each year. This page will be updated to announce when nominations are open.


    Nominees to the District Hall of Fame must be individuals who are former students, former staff members, or current or former members of the district's community. They should be individuals who have made great contributions to our school district, either through their work in the district as a student, teacher, school board member, administrator or other staff member, or volunteer, or individuals who have brought honor and pride to the district through their professional work or other community service. Nominees must have contributed to the betterment of Forest Lake Area Schools through leadership, volunteerism, advocacy for students, families and/or the school district in ways that exceed typical support.

    Former students may be nominated for their excellence in an area of employment or volunteerism. All nominees who are former students must have graduated from Forest Lake Area Schools at least 5 years ago.

    Who can nominate?

    Any person or group can nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, and self-nominations will also be accepted.

    How to nominate:

    Online: To nominate someone, please fill out this online form.

    Through the mail: If you prefer, this paper nomination form can be printed and mailed to the district office or dropped off in person.

    Mailed forms should be sent to the Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame Selection Committee, Forest Lake Area Schools, 6100 N. 210th St., Forest Lake, MN 55025.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Members

  • Class of 2022

    Joe Grafft
    Michael Huerth
    Allison Hursh
    Richard Peterson
    Dan Winkelman

    Class of 2021

    No new members inducted due to COVID-19 pandemic

    Class of 2020

    No new members inducted due to COVID-19 pandemic

    Class of 2019

    Dennis Alfveby
    Todd Loushine
    Karen Morehead
    Marilyn Opp
    Dave Purdy
    Duane Rasmussen
    Gerald (Jerry) Wavrin

    Class of 2018

    Mike Conway
    Linda Madsen
    Alexander Norquist
    Scott Norquist
    John Skoglund
    Norton Taylor

    Class of 2017

    No new members inducted

    Class of 2016

    Thomas Paul
    LeeAnn Weigt

    Class of 2015

    No new members inducted

    Class of 2014

    James Bullard
    Clint Fladland
    Carol Rupar
    Bob Sorman

    Class of 2013

    Barbara Bowers
    Bob Morehead

    Class of 2012

    Virginia Hartmann
    Betty Hestekin
    Corbett Johnson
    Doris Lellman
    Howard Lestrud
    Robert Marzolf
    Courtland C. Nelson
    G. Howard Ruggles
    Jordis Unga

    Class of 2011

    Terry Anderson
    K. Vernon Banta
    Dean Barr
    Vernon Boettcher
    Cliff Buchan
    Earl Buys
    Jack Buys
    Dick Carlson
    Thea Carpenter
    Floyd Cohoes
    Jack Conley
    Jim Crawford
    Ray Daninger
    Bob Dettmer
    Lloyd & Helen Erickson
    Reynold Erickson
    Robin Erickson-Lind
    El Ewert
    Jeff Gauvin
    Virgil Grove
    Richard Hahn
    Gene Hallberg
    Gwen Hansen
    Mark R. Hansen
    Douglas Harper
    Pete Hegseth
    Marion Howell Davidson
    Karla Hult
    Bruce Johnson
    Donley Johnson
    Marlene Johnson Smith
    Rollin Johnson
    Laurie Kumerow
    Elsie LeHecka Vogel
    Regina Laroche Theune
    Earl Lellman
    Inga Lennes
    Jim Lichtscheidl
    Jim Lindstrom
    Wendy Linz
    Dean Maki
    Fred Marfell
    Fran Miron
    Stan Motschenbacher
    Rollin Nelson
    Jim Noll
    Joan Paulson
    Johann Peikert
    Stan Petersen
    Lysle Peterson
    Randolph Peterson
    Dan Poepard
    Doug Ramseth
    Britta Ramseth Reierson
    Neil “Bud” Robinson
    Tim Robinson
    Lee Sandager
    Dave Schwartz
    Christopher Sieber
    George Simmons
    Mark Struble
    Wayne Thompson
    Jim Trudeau
    Laurel Walker
    Joan Wenberg