Linwood School Forest

  • The Linwood Community Park and School Forest is located off of County Road 26 and 227th Avenue N.E. in Linwood Township, MN. Our School Forest is a cooperative effort between Linwood Elementary and Linwood Township. The School Forest is a 170-acre parcel of land that has nature trails, boardwalks and groomed cross-country ski trails in the winter.
    Staff and students at Linwood take advantage of the vast educational experiences that can be gained from studying nature in the midst of nature. The School Forest Committee sponsors naturalist programming for each classroom three times a year in Fall, Winter and Spring. 
    An example of a naturalist activity was when the naturalist had the second graders imagine they were different components in the process of decomposition to create dirt. They were "mixing it up". The naturalist pointed out a slug in a partially decomposed chunk of wood. He explained that the slug was a key player in the game of decomposition on the forest floor. 
    In addition to the Linwood Community Park and School Forest we have a prairie restoration plot planted and maintained by the DNR. Students have the opportunity to experience a prairie.  

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