• Cancellations

    All classes will be held unless you are notified of a cancellation. You will be notified of class cancellations by email or phone so please keep your contact information current.

    On days when school is canceled due to weather, most afternoon and evening activities are also canceled. Childcare programs are open; see the Family Handbook for more information. On severe weather days, you can call the weather line at (651) 982-8143. Last minute cancellations will be on TV channels 4, 5 and 11, on WCCO-830 radio and online at www.flaschools.org.

    If you need to cancel a class or activity, you must do so a minimum of two working days before the class is scheduled to start as instructors willhave been notified of the number of students in their class, materials will have been prepared and the other students in the class are expecting the class to go.


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We offer you a satisfaction guarantee for most Community Education activities. Your fee will be refunded if you notify us before the second time the activity meets. If you notify us after the second session, a voucher will be issued for future Community Education activities. We cannot issue refunds for trips after the registration deadline due to bus and ticket reservations.


    Liability Waiver

    When registering for a class or activity you will be asked to agree to the following Liability Waiver:

    I grant permission for myself and/or my child to participate in this Community Education activity. I am aware that injuries may occur and I accept full responsibility for any injury received while participating in the program.

    I understand that Forest Lake Area Schools and its employees are not responsible for any injury to the participant.