Cherie Larson
    Media Specialist

    Media Department

    The media program at Forest Lake Elementary is designed to help make lifelong readers and learners of all our students.  During the class time, we read stories, learn how to use a media center, and practice both written and online research skills.

    In our Media Center is our re-designed cove area. Money was given in memory of former teacher Terry Anderson to create a special reading area for students. Volunteers came in to paint, build, and carpet our cove, and we now have a wonderful Forest Lake spot where students can cuddle with a fish, sit on the dock, or read in a lifeboat. Thank you to everyone who made this a reality! 


    Online Catalog

    Students are now able to access the media center's catalog from any computer.  They can search for books, place holds, and find out what they currently have checked out.  Click the link below to see what we have in our collection.

    Online Catalog 



    Cinderella Quiz