gifted photo Cluster students in Forest Lake Area Schools in grades 3 and 4 have been identified by several different measures:

    • NWEA Map Scores: Students who score at the 95% or above in reading and/or math on two consecutive fall/spring tests.
    • Classroom Rating Scale and Student Information Forms.
    • DAGE Selection Committee comprised of district gifted resource teachers, elementary building principal and grade level classroom teachers.
    Identified students are "clustered" together in classrooms where the instructor has had specialized training in stimulating high order level thinking skills and in providing a variety of diversified, challenging activities.

    Summer academy opportunities offer Gifted and Talented students additional extensions in a variety of curricular areas. Initiated in 1978, the North Suburban Summer Academy for High Potential students is a unique, intensive and exciting program designed to address the special needs of the high potential student. It is sponsored through the cooperative efforts of thirteen local Twin Cities area school districts.

    For information regarding The North Suburban Summer Academy, contact Diane Giorgi, Forest Lake's representative to the Summer Academy Board at (651) 982-8352.