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    Our Columbus community of staff and students have been practicing and reinforcing eight Columbus Character Campaign traits since 2004:

    No bullies graphic In the 2007-2008 school year, the Columbus community of staff and students decided to jump on board to whole-heartedly support the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

    Students had taken a survey in the spring of year, giving them the opportunity to address if, when and where they had been bullied, if they had ever witnessed bullying, or if they had actually been a bully to other students. Results of that survey have helped the Columbus staff readily address bullying issues and locations.

    "Bully Free" means all students:
    • Deserve to feel safe at school
    • Do not bully others
    • Help others who are being bullied
    • Tell an adult at home or at school when others are bullied
    • Include students who are left out

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    Ripple graphic We create a ripple when we reach out,
    and we are friends to anyone who really needs a friend.

    We create a ripple when we speak out,
    and stand beside anyone who feels they are alone again.

    Anyone can be our partner.
    Anyone can join our club.
    Anyone can play in our game.


    Written by Heidi Sapa and Kim Webb