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    Our school has three sections of first grade. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to effectively teach reading and communication skills.

    There are varied units of study in our full days of first grade. During reading sessions, students rotate to learning stations - computer, spelling, and related math stations - in order to reinforce reading skills.
    Vangen reader Our reading program emphasizes phonics and whole language skills in addition to daily integrated writing activities.
    Math instruction centers on identifying number concepts and transferring those concepts into number and counting patterns and beginning computation. Manipulatives are used as number concepts are developed.
    Science units center on four themes: plants, magnets, the five senses, and guppies. First graders learn about stars and constellations in our Star Lab.
    Eiler's class  
                           Social studies revolves around individuals, their local communities as well as the global community.     Beaudry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    Our art curriculum covers four units: This is My World, Learning to Look, Art is all around us, and I use artistic materials.

    First grade parents and other community members enjoy working with first graders throughout the year on reading, math or holiday activities.
    Sara Eiler