• 2015 Facilities Bond Information

    The Bond Proposal

     On Nov. 3, 2015, the voters of Forest Lake Area Schools will once again have a chance to vote on a bond referendum that would make repairs and upgrades to all of the district's buildings.

    On the ballot, the referendum will be divided into two questions:

    Question #1
    Cost = $143 million
    • Safety and SecurityBoiler
    • Upgrades in energy efficiency
    • Repairs or replacement of roofs
    • Repairs or replacements of boilers
    • Repairs or replacements of HVAC
    • Upgrades of outdated classrooms
    • Other repairs, replacements and upgrades

    Question #2
    Cost = $18 million

    • New high school trackTrack
    • High school performing arts center upgrades
    • High school tennis court repairs and upgrade
    • High school athletic complex upgrade
    • High school gymnasium expansion
    • Jr. high baseball field relocation
    • Other repairs, replacements and upgrades

    Question #1 will pass if the majority of voters are in favor of it. Question #2 will pass if the majority of voters are in favor of it AND if Question #1 also passes.

    Detailed Information About The Bond

    The following links will provide detailed information about the various elements of the school bond:

    Elements of Question #1

    Safety & Security Upgrades: This page first shows the safety and security challenges that the district faces and the shortcoming of the current designs of the schools, and then the district's plan of action to address these needs and to provide students with a positive, safe atmosphere for learning in a modern and secure school building.

    The 7 - 12 Secondary Campus Plan: This page gives an overview of the plan to combine Century and Southwest into a single junior high school, and to move all 9th grade students into the high school in order to provide them with the academic opportunities of a modern high school student.

    Elementaries - A School-By-School Breakdown: If Question #1 of the 2015 Facilities Bond is approved by voters, every elementary school in the district will gain important repairs to facilities and upgrades in safety and security to bring them up to reasonable standards. This page will provide a school-by-school breakdown of all of the changes that will occur if the bond is approved on November 3.

    Elements of Question #2

    Arts & Athletics Repairs and Upgrades
    : This page outlines the proposed arts & athletics upgrades that will occur if both Question #1 and Question #2 of the 2015 Facilities Bond are approved by the voters. If the bond passes, Forest Lake Area School will finally have a working varsity track, a repaired athletics stadium and an upgraded performing arts center. Also, arts & athletics improvements will be made to other buildings and facilities.

    Voting Information

    When, Where and How to Vote
    : This page will provides information about where to vote on November 3 and how to vote via absentee ballot.

    Legal Documentation
    Campaign Finance Reports: This page will provide links to the campaign finance reports that have been provided to the school distrit for the November 2015 School Bond.

    Tax Impact to District Residents

    How will this bond affect my taxes?: There are often misconceptions about what the local school tax actually costs to homeowners and businesses. This page explains how the bond will affect school taxes.


    A Message from Superintendent Linda Madsen

    Madsen On behalf of the school board and all district staff, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you, the Forest Lake Area Schools community, for the strong support you have given our school district over the years.

    It is important that you – as a taxpayer, voter and member of this community – have all of the critical facts at your disposal before casting your vote on November 3rd. This section of our website is intended to be a resource for you and to provide information regarding the bond proposal.

    Feel free to contact me at 651-982-8104 if you have any questions regarding the bond.

    Again, thank you for your continued support of Forest Lake Area Schools, and I encourage each and every adult member of our community to get out and exercise your constitutional rights by voting on November 3rd.


    Linda Madsen, Ph.D.
    Superintendent of Forest Lake Area Schools