Participation in the Commencement is optional. To participate, senior students must:
    • Complete 26 credits, including all required courses
    • Return all class and library materials
    • Pay all fines and negative lunch balances
    • Comply with the guidelines of Commencement. 
     All requirements must be complete prior to Commencement.

    Students who have not completed required classes, have not finished enough credits to graduate, have not passed MCA tests or taken an alternate college readiness test, or are failing a class that fulfills a requirement for graduation, will be placed on the Hold List. Students will be cleared from the Hold List by their teachers when they have completed course requirements and earned enough points to pass the needed class(es). If the student is not cleared from the list, they will not graduate, receive a cap, gown or tickets, nor participate in Commencement.  Non graduates should be in contact with their dean to develop plans for finishing.  Diplomas will be distributed once transcripts are completed and cleared.


    In order to participate in Commencement, students must wear the appropriate cap, gown, and tassel.  Students are required to pay a deposit of $40.00 to receive those items. This deposit will be collected from ALL senior students on FeePay through the ParentVUE account.  Caps, gowns, and tassels will be distributed in the foyer area of the field house entrance after graduation practice on June 6th. These items may be returned on Monday, June 8th only between the hours of 10:00 am - 2 pm for a refund of $10.00 for the cap returned, $10.00 for the tassel returned, $20.00 for the gown returned, or $40.00 for all items returned. Refunds will be credited to the account used to place the deposit.  However, many students choose to keep these items as keepsakes.
    Academic Achievements will be noted in the program at the ceremony.  Students whose symbols signifying those accomplishments may purchase those items on FeePay.  These items will be placed in each student's cap and gown package to be picked up after graduation practice. The honor earned will not be determined until just prior to the ceremony. In the event that an honor wasn't accomplished, the student will not receive an item in the graduation package and the price of the item will be refunded through FeePay if purchased.