District Hall of Fame Nominations

  • Criteria

    Nominees to the District Hall of Fame must be individuals who are former students, former staff members, or current or former members of the district's community. They should be individuals who have made great contributions to our school district, either through their work in the district as a student, teacher, school board member, administrator or other staff member, or volunteer, or individuals who have brought honor and pride to the district through their professional work or other community service. Nominees must have contributed to the betterment of Forest Lake Area Schools through leadership, volunteerism, advocacy for students, families and/or the school district in ways that exceed typical support.

    Former students may be nominated for their excellence in an area of employment or volunteerism. All nominees who are former students must have graduated from Forest Lake Area Schools at least 5 years ago.

    Who can nominate?

    Any person or group can nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, and self-nominations will also be accepted.

    How to nominate:

    To nominate someone, please fill out this online form.

    If you prefer, a paper form can be downloaded below and mailed to the district office or dropped off in person.

    FLAS District Hall of Fame Nomination Form

    Mailed forms should be sent to the Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame Selection Committee, Forest Lake Area Schools, 6100 N. 210th St., Forest Lake, MN 55025.