Summer School Program

  • Kindergarten through 8th grade
    Students who meet eligibility in grades K-8 will receive Summer School support in the areas of literacy, math and social emotional development through the Second Step curriculum.  The Second Step Program promotes the development of self-regulation by teaching skills for learning, such as focusing on attention, listening, being assertive, and using positive self talk.  Students with more ability to self regulate are more likely to have better math and literacy skills and higher academic achievement.
    High School Students
    Our students in credit recovery in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to enroll into classes that they've not been in before or to retake a class to recover and master the missing standards.  
    Additional Details
    • Students will receive breakfast and Lunch/Brunch during summer programming.
    • The dates for Summer Programming will be June 17th through July 19th, 2019.
    • Locations: K-3 Columbus Elementary, 4-12 Forest Lake Area Middle School
    • Hours: K-3- 8:00-12:00, 4-12-7:45-11:45
    • The Summer School program follows the same school year expectations of attendance and behavioral policies.
    • Summer school is a privilege, and adhering to these policies promotes an atmosphere that provides the best educational learning experience for all students.
    • Transportation is provided if you reside within the Forest Lake Area School District with one consistent AM pickup and one consistent PM drop off site.


    Summer School Teaching Staff
    We are committed to hiring high quality teachers for Summer School. The Summer School teaching staff consists of licensed teachers and paraprofessionals who are experienced in teaching the grade level they are assigned. In most Summer School classrooms, the teacher is a Forest Lake Area School District teacher who is familiar and experienced in the curriculum of that grade level.
    Contact for Questions
    Parents can contact the following people with questions about Targeted Services programming:
    • Building Principal
    • Kelly Tschudy-Lafean, Area Learning Center Principal, at (651) 982-3171
    • Laurie Chelgren, Targeted Services & Staff Development Coordinator, at (651) 982-3169