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    Secondary Campus Plan

    Among the most important items in the Reshaping Opportunities for Success 2015-2020 project will be the changes that will occur in the secondary schools (grades 7 - 12).
           HS Front       Century Front
    Creating a comprehensive 7 - 12 campus

    While no new buildings will be constructed in this project, the project allows all students in grades 7 - 12 to attend the district's most modern secondary schools - Forest Lake Area High School and the building currently known as Century Junior High School. This move will serve several purposes.

    First, it will give the district the ability to locate all of its secondary students in one area of the city - on one large campus. It includes the following:

    • Moving all district students in grades 7 - 8 to a single, unified junior high school, which will be located in the current Century Junior High building;
    • Move all 9th grade students to the high school, creating a grade 9 - 12 high school in order to provide them with the academic opportunities of a modern high school student;
    • Move all programs from the old CLC to the former Southwest Junior High School.

    Having all grade 7 - 12 programs in one location will allow for better use of staff and building resources, and it will eliminate unnecessary redundancies in service. More importantly, it will mean that secondary teachers are better able to collaborate and share information and new ideas. It will also streamline the process for students to meet the grade 9 – 12 graduation requirements set forth by the state.

    The following diagram shows the reconfiguration of the junior high and senior high programs, along with other district offices which would be moved from the CLC to the building that now exists as Southwest Junior High. Click to see a larger version of the image.
     Secondary Plan
    Upgrades and repairs to other buildings

    All other district buildings will receive upgrades and repairs, including Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation (HVAC) systems. HVAC system repairs are extremely costly and will constitute a large portion of the overall cost of the bond. In addition, the boilers in most buildings are very old and present a risk to the district if they break down.
    HS Boiler  


    Increasing energy efficiency

    In addition to making our buildings safer and more energy efficient, a necessary component to the secondary campus plan is to close the Central Learning Center, the district's oldest, most dilapidated and most energy-inefficient building.

    To see how these changes will affect our individual junior high, senior high and Area Learning Center (ALC) programs, click on any of the following links.