• School funding and property taxes


    School property taxes fluctuate over time

    In the complicated world of school funding and property taxes, it’s difficult to keep track of how things change over time. Many residents believe that school property taxes go up each year, but this is not always true. In fact, the total amount of school property taxes paid by our residents today is less than it was in 2001*.

    Property taxes over the last five years

    Forest Lake Area School District residents approved a bond referendum in 2015 to provide safety and security upgrades to each of our school buildings, and to refurbish outdated facilities. That approval resulted in an increase in property taxes beginning in 2016.

    The first two years of this bond project were the most expensive to taxpayers. But starting in 2018, the tax impact of the bonds began to be reduced. The district’s levy amount (the total amount of money that property tax payers provide for schools) dropped six percent between 2017 and 2018.



    2017 levy was $23.2 million and 2018 levy was $21.8 million, a 6 percent decrease

    *Amount of 2001 FLAS levy: $22.5 million

    For more Information about this topic, to learn how property tax rates are determined, and view a five-year history of Forest Lake Area Schools levy amounts visit the Washington County Property Tax Information page.


    Tax Impact of the Proposed 2018 Levy

    How will the 2018 Operating Levy affect my taxes? 
    Use this link to check the estimated impact to your property taxes: Property Tax Impact Calculator.
    In order to use the calculator, you will need your home or property's most recent Statement of Property Taxes Payable form. These forms are mailed out each year by the county in which your property is located.
    The chart below gives a general overview of yearly tax impact based on property value. 

    Market Value

    Tax Impact





























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