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    ACT vs. SAT

     The two most common college entrance exams are the ACT and the SAT. Some schools accept both exams, others require one or the other. Typically students should start taking these exams in 11th grade.

    There are many factors to consider when looking at which college entrance exam to take. Historically, ACT exams were accepted by many mid-west school and SAT exams were preferred on states on the east or west coast. A student may also look at the subject tests of each particular test to try and showcase their strengths.

    The ACT includes 215 multiple-choice questions and takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete, including a short break (or just over four hours if you are taking the ACT Plus Writing). For more details about the ACT, click here.

    ACT Test Prep

    The SAT tests the reading, writing and math skills that you learn in school and that are critical for success in college and beyond.
    For more details about the SAT, click here.

    Students should first look to see which exam the colleges they are interested in require. Many students choose to take both in an attempt to get the highest score possible as well as taking each specific exam more than once.

    ACT is by far the most common college entrance exam that Forest Lake students take. 

    To register for the ACT go to www.actstudent.org , the Forest Lake High School code is 240-865
    Please note the high school can not register students for this exam. You must register online.

    For either exam, spend time preparing before your first test. If you have an idea of the content questions and how to manage your time, you will be less anxious and frustrated by the test, which will in turn enable you to score better. 

    ACT Information

    The ACT will be offered to current juniors on Tuesday, March 2 during the school day. This is the only opportunity to take the test during the school day. The registration process is different for this test date. Begin by paying for the test on ParentVue.

    National test dates after the 3/2 test are: 4/17/21, 6/12/21, and 7/17/21. All students should plan to earn a score with which they are happy by September of their senior year. Forest Lake is almost always a test site for the national test dates; however, you must register with ample time to guarantee a spot in Forest Lake. Go to act.org to register.

    ACT Prep

    SAT Information

    National test dates for the SAT are: 3/13/21, 5/8/21, and 6/5/21. All students should plan to earn a score with which they are happy by September of their senior year. Go to collegeboard.org to register.

    SAT Prep

    PSAT Information

    The PSAT test is taken by 11th grades. It is the Pre-SAT test. It entails critical reading skills, math problem-solving skills, and writing skills. Top 11th grade scores nationwide qualify students for National Merit Scholarships. This test will take approximately three hours. We encourage all 11th grade students at Forest Lake Area High School to take the test to see how prepared they are for post secondary education and to identify learning areas that they can improve upon.


    ASVAB Test

    The ASVAB is a required test to enter any branch of the military. The test plays a very large role in determining what job you will be assigned and trained for once you enlist. Additionally, the ASVAB is a free test that provides valuable feedback. Typically, the ASVAB is offered one time during second semester after school.