• Welcome to Forest Lake Area Schools

    A message from Superintendent Steve Massey, Ed.D 

    This is a very exciting time for the district. As we continue with our construction projects, I cannot help but feel immensely proud of how far we have come as a school district and as a community. The additions being made to the high school and at the 7-8 building as well as the work being done to update all of our educatio

    Massey headshot nal buildings will not only foster academic and athletic  growth and success, but will provide a learning environment fit for every one of our students.

    Our mission is to: “Ensure that each learner will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to experience success and personal fulfillment while actively engaged in a global society.”   
    Students continue to learn at a high level, and our graduates move onto college and careers where their dreams become a reality. Our schools have a strong tradition of excellence. Each year we continue to build on that tradition of excellence by offering our students, families and communities an exceptional education and countless opportunities to explore and build one’s talents.   
    This website has been created to provide information you will need as you begin your relationship with us. The links listed on this page will connect you to information on a wide variety of topics to help you get acquainted with the school district. 
    If  you have additional questions about our schools, feel free to contact us at feedback@flaschools.org or 651-982-8104.
    Steve Massey, Superintendent 

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