• Throughout the long history of Forest Lake Area High School (FLAHS) activities, numerous individuals have made a significant and lasting positive impact on advancing the recognition of Forest Lake’s educational community. They deserve to be nominated for induction into the Forest Lake Area High School Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame.

    Selected individuals will represent all FLAHS activities and will be recognized as a FLAHS Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame student or coach who has met the rigid selection criteria of promoting activities at the FLAHS. The FLAHS Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame recognizes and pays tribute to both living and deceased outstanding individual students and coaches, as well as all state championship teams as a team. The Selection Committee will welcome any additional supplemental factual history and statistics supporting any nominee.

    Criteria for Eligibility

    Students of the FLAHS Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame must have:

    1.  Participated in athletics or the arts that is recognized by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). All of the sports offered at Forest Lake Area High School are part of the MSHSL as well as the following arts programs: music, debate, speech, one act play and robotics.

    2.  Graduated from FLAHS a minimum of ten (10) years prior to his/her nomination selection.

    3.  Exemplified behavior, during and following their high school graduation career that is a credit to FLAHS and the community.


    The Selection Committee will use the following achievements as “guidelines” for FLAHS Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame Student selection process:

    A.  Number of years as an all-district, all-region, or all-area selection as a 1st or 2nd team(s) selection and/or:

    B.  Number of years as an all-conference selection, number of teams as an All-Conference selection, the level of the all-conference team(s) selected to (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd team, honorable mention all-conference) and/or;

    C.  All-State selection(s), number of years, and number of sports/activities and/or;

    D.  State placer or participant, number of times, number of sports/activities, and/or;

    E.  Statistical leader or record holder at FLAHS, conference, region, state (list) and/or;

    F.  Earned an MVP award or elected a captain or co-captain in a selected sport/activity and/or;

    G.  The committee reserves the right to consider whether he/she contributed to society in a positive or negative way following graduation from FLHS as a qualification for induction.


    Coach Members of the FLAHS Arts & Athletcis Hall of Fame must have:

    1.  Last coached at the FLAHS at least seven (7) years prior to nomination. He/she must have retired or moved on to a different position.

    2.  Distinguished him/herself by demonstrating exceptional leadership, character, and activity coaching achievement that is a credit to FLAHS and the community.


    The Selection Committee will use the following achievements as “guidelines” for FLAHS Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame Coach selection process: 

    A.  Coached a team that won a conference championship, and/or;

    B.  Coached a team or an individual in state competition, and/or;

    C.  Had a minimum winning percentage of 50%, and/or;

    D.  Earned a conference, region, state, or national coaching award, and/or;

    E.  Was instrumental in developing and building a successful athletic/activity program, and/or;

    F.  Demonstrated exceptional leadership, character, and athletic/activity coaching achievement that was a credit to the Forest Lake Area High School and community.


    Additional Instructions

    1.  Please note that the information supplied about this candidate will be the basis for the Hall of Fame Arts & Athletics Selection Committee’s decision. It is not the role of the Selection Committee to do further research on this individual’s accomplishments. Please be as thorough and complete as possible.

    2.  Clippings or further details can be attached to this application.  Photocopies are encouraged.  Any attachments will become the property of the FLAHS Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame and will not be returned.