Middle school students listen during a team building activity
  • One School, Three Teams

    The newly formed Forest Lake Area Middle School includes all district 7th and 8th grade students. Prior to opening the new school in the fall of 2018, district staff made careful plans to provide the best experience for students during a time in their lives that can be filled with change and challenges.

    Even though the middle school is home to over a thousand students, the programming embraces a small school concept, designed around three student teams. Each team is named for the color of the walls where most of that team's activities take place -- green, blue and tan. Most core learning courses (science, math, language arts, etc.) take place within the students' team. There is a licensed guidance counselor assigned to each team and advisory activities within each team focus on building community and supporting academic achievement. This process allows students and staff to get to know one another in more personal way, and provides an opportunity for students to feel like they belong.

    Because it is a large school, Forest Lake Area Middle School is able to provide opportunities that a smaller school could not. There are a wide variety of electives available to students in music, world languages, industrial technology, business and other subject areas. Students have more opportunities to choose courses that are interesting and engaging to them as an individual learner.

    Middle School Information Sheet