College and Career Planning at FLAHS

  • Forest Lake Area High School has built a career and technical education program that is unmatched in the surrounding area. Whether students are looking to get a head start on their college education, or build marketable job skills, FLAHS has a large variety of class and elective options to help them achieve their goals.

    New Innovative Resources

    To make sure that each student has begun to think about their future, and set goals for the type of job and quality of life they'd like to have after high school, the staff at FLAHS has taken college and career planning to a brand new level.  Beginning this year, each incoming high school student is receiving several unique resources to help design their future and create a high school experience that will best support that future.

    During the high school registration process, each student receives:

    • A self-assessment to help students learn more about how their interests and abilities can transfer into various career pathways.
    • A brand new Career Pathways guide to help students learn more about careers of interest, learn about the earning potential and education required for specific careers, and identify which FLAHS classes and activities can help them build skills and experience for that career area
    • A customizable four-year plan, to help ensure students plan for registration and get the most from their high school experience

    Parents and students can review the information, think about future career pathways and design a plan to suit their individual needs. The goal is for all graduates to be ready to enter and complete some type of post-secondary training that will allow them to become a successful member of the workforce, whether that be a degree, certificate or other training.

    Career Wheel