Core Values

  • Statements of belief that drive our words and actions

    We believe in equity.No Place for Hate

    • Creating a welcoming environment for all
    • Awareness of student needs-emotional/physical/cultural
    • Building cultural competence in the classroom

    We believe that all students can and will be successful.

    • Using positive affirmations
    • Focusing on student strengths
    • Unique classroom environment

    We believe in building positive relationships with our students.

    • Judgment-free environment
    • Using student interests to motivate learning
    • Being fully present with students
    • Modeling positive relationships

    We believe in student growth.

    • Functionally preparing for the future
    • Increase in self-confidence
    • Academic/social-emotional growth

    We believe in high expectations for our students.

    • Graduation
    • Growth mindset
    • Assisting students in setting and achieving goals

    We believe in educating and supporting the whole child.

    • Accepting students from where they are
    • Teaching and promoting empathy
    • Providing proactive social/emotional support

    We believe in providing resources and accommodations to meet student needs.

    • Centering instruction on research and evidence-based practices
    • Providing resources both in and outside of school
    • Consistently following 504 and IEP accommodations