Strategic Outcomes

  • Our school will…

    Build capacity around project based inquiry by providing Personal Development

    • Interdisciplinary areas

    Understand students’ needs in an effort to offer opportunities for academic and personal growth in a changing world

    • PBIS-instilling a positive and proactive vs punitive behavioral intervention approach to support students in the school
    • OJT/Internship opportunities
    • Post-Secondary Planning
    • Credit Recovery
    • Digital Learning
    • Social Emotional Learning/Self Regulation
    • Life Skills
      • Communication
      • Manners/Etiquette
      • Problem Solving
      • Identifying and finding resources

    Maintain an equity lens in everything we do

    • Curriculum
    • Decision making
    • Instructional practices
    • Access to materials and opportunities, etc

    Utilize community resources to support mental & chemical health

    • Canvas Health
    • Lakes Center For Youth and Families

    Build relationships through Ranger Connect by assigning 10-15 students to staff members in an effort to personalize learning (CLP’s, career and college readiness, and internships)

    Build capacity around MTSS and PST

    • have representation at a district level

    Utilize positive language in all areas

    Analyze various types of data to determine academic and social needs building wide