Immersion Plus

What is Immersion Plus?

  • Our Immersion Plus program offers a different approach to Spanish immersion in which students are taught literacy instruction in English while other subject areas, including math and science, are taught in Spanish. 

    Students who enroll in the Forest Lake Area Schools Spanish Immersion Plus program in elementary school will be taught by fully licensed teachers 

    Immersion Plus students have the opportunity to continue with immersion course offerings throughout grades 7-12.

Boy working at Smart Board in school classroom

Why Immersion Plus?

  • There is growing evidence that developing literacy skills in a child’s first language benefits the child both in acquiring a second language and in their overall academic success. By providing early literacy instruction in English, children have the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in reading and writing that will support future learning.

    This strong foundation is evident from local student testing data. The following charts compare Forest Lake Area Schools Immersion Plus student data to data from students in the local full immersion program. In all subjects, more students from Forest Lake Area Schools Immersion Plus program meet or exceed standards by the time they reach 8th grade compared to their peers from the local full immersion charter program.

    The graphs below show data from the same cohort of students as they progress from 3rd through 8th grade (2015-2019 test data), showing the percentages of students at each grade level who meet or exceed standards in reading, math and science testing.

Graph: Reading success - student performance over time
Graph: Math Success - student progress from 3rd to 8th grade
Graph: Science success - student progress in 5th and 8th grade
Teacher writes in Spanish on a white board while student looks on

Enroll now

  • Forest Lake Area Schools offers our Spanish Immersion Plus program at either Forest View Elementary School or Lino Lakes Elementary STEM School. The Immersion Plus program at Forest Lake Area Schools is available with no tuition cost for parents of either in-district or open-enrolled students. School bus transportation is provided for in-district residents.

    For questions and enrollment inquiries or a school tour please contact the school principals:

    • Lino Lakes STEM School - Scott Geary 651-982-8851
    • Forest View Elementary - Scott Urness 651-982-8201


    Enrollment Info

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who can enroll in the Forest Lake Area Schools Spanish Immersion program?

    A: Initial enrollment into the Forest Lake Area Schools Spanish Immersion program occurs at kindergarten to ensure students build a strong foundation in Spanish as they progress through the program. Students already enrolled in a similar program in another school or district will be considered for enrollment at the appropriate grade-level upon enrollment in the district and with verification of previous experiences.

    Q: What school would my kindergarten student attend if I choose to enroll in the program?

    A: Enrollment location for district residents is determined by the following:

    • District families residing (or with pick-up/drop-off addresses) WEST of Interstate 35 will be enrolled in the Lino Lakes STEM school.
    • District families residing (or with pick-up/drop-off addresses) EAST of Interstate 35 will be enrolled at Forest View Elementary school.

    Q: If I register my child for the Spanish Immersion Program, will he or she be guaranteed a spot in a Spanish Immersion class?

    A: There is no guarantee of acceptance into the program; however we will work to accommodate as many students as possible in the classes. Every effort is made to ensure immersion class sizes are consistent with other class sizes at that level.

    Q: Will students who live within the Forest Lake Area Schools attendance area have priority over out-of-district residents in the selection process?

    A: Yes

    Q: If a student is already in the Spanish Immersion program, will that student’s siblings be given priority in placement in the program?

    A: Yes 

    Q: Are special education students able to enroll in the immersion program?

    A: Yes, special education students are able to enroll. The decision by parents as to whether or not to enroll their child in the program should be made in consultation with both the child’s general education and special education teachers.

    Q: If new students enroll over the summer, will those students be able to enroll in the Spanish Immersion Program?

    A: If there are openings in the Spanish Immersion Program, students can be added.

    Q: If my child is not a resident of the school district and I wish to open-enroll him in the Spanish Immersion program at Forest Lake Area Schools, what other forms besides the Spanish Immersion Registration Form do I need to fill out? 

    A: You will need to fill out an Open Enrollment form as well as the other registration forms available through the Open Enrollment link under Quick Links on our homepage:

    Q: What will the procedure be if the immersion program does not work out for a student?

    A: In the event that a family enrolls their child in our Spanish Immersion Program but later determines that the program is not a good fit for their child, the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s), teacher(s) and school principal will meet to discuss possible placement options for the child in a more traditional program.

    Q: How do I start the process of enrolling my child in the FLAS immersion program?

    A: Contact the school office at Forest View Elementary School or Lino Lake Elementary STEM School to indicate your interest in the immersion program and to complete the required enrollment forms.