•  The dashboard is where you can view all of your classes as well as see the upcoming work



    By clicking on the class "tiles" you can view their classrooms and navegate further from there.

    You can change how you view the dashboard by clicking the drop down menu on the top right.



    "Card View" is the set default. You can change to "List View" "Recent Activity" or toggle the color overlay.

    This is "List View". Here you can view your assignments as a list, and when each assignment is due.



    On the top right you have buttons which allow you to skip to the current day, create a new event, access your grades, and view missing work respectively.



    The next option is "Recent Activity". Here you can view the most recent posts made by all of your teachers. You can expand these banners by clicking the "show more" text on the right side of the banner.



    On the right side of the screen you can view your "To Do" list. This is a log of every assignment you have not completed yet.



    On the far bottom right you can view feedback on assignments as well as view your current grades.




    If you want to hide or show select classes on your dashboard, head to the "Courses" tab on the left menu. From there select "All Courses" on the bottom.



    From there select the star on classes you want to hide, and unhighlight the star on classes you want to show.