• Files allows you to store files and assignments on Canvas. 


    View Files



    • The left panel shows all folders, so you can easily find them. Some folders may be hidden within folders, though. Click the arrow to the left of the folder name to see any folders within the folder.
    • When you click on a folder, you'll be able to see everything in said folder on the right panel. 
    • You can also click folders in the right panel to view what is inside of them.




    • For each file, you can see the:
      • Date it was created
      • The last time it was modified
      • The name of the last person to modify the fikle
      • The size of the file
      • If the file is published or not

    • Files are sorted alphabetically. To sort files by another method, just click the name of any column heading


    Managing Files



    • If you want to upload a file to Canvas, just click the upload button and choose a file.
    • If you want to add a new folder, simply click the "+Folder" button.
    • If you want to change the state of the file, click on the green checkmark and choose to either: 
      • Publish
      • Unpublish
      • Make it available only to those with the link
      • Schedule when others can use it




    • If you would like to download, rename, move, or delete a file, simply click the three dots at the end of the file.
    • If you're having issues with running out of space on Canvas, you can simply click the 'Size' column which will organize it by file size and delete the things you no longer need.