• Tech Support Graphic Technology becomes an essential in most distance learning experiences. As students work with a variety of software and assorted hardware, issues will inevitably arise. We have staff that will work to find solutions to student technolgy issues whenever possible.

    To place a request for tech help, please complete the Student Technology Support Request Form or call the tech team help desk at 651-982-8465 from 8am-2:20pm.

    Typical Requests Include:

    • Issues with a district-owned Chromebook or Laptop.
    • Log in issues with district systems like Synergy, Canvas, Google, and others.
    • Software issues which may be solved by providing students with training for necessary skills.
    • Software issues, where software is not running as expected or is generating error messages.

    What to Expect:

    • The problem will be researched for a solution.
    • Many common problems can be solved with an email containing support documents to explain the solution.
    • The student may be contacted to further clarify the problem or to receive help and training.
    • Hardware problems with district equipment may require arranging a way to exchange equipment.
    • Hardware problems of district equipment resulting from user damage may also incur a repair fee.