• Loom is a tool that will allow you to capture what is on your device's screen. It can also use your web camera to insert a small image of you as you record. Best of all, the Pro version is free to students and educators, even after the COVID19 situation eases.

    • Go to Loom.com
    • Click "Get Loom for Free"
    • Click "Sign up with Google" and use your district Google account
    • Click the button to make "New Video". You may need to install the Loom extension. 
    • Start recording your videos.
    • Note that under "Settings" you can turn comments "Off" (they are "on" by default)


    When your video is completed, you can share it with the "Copy Link" feature, which will allow you to link it in an email, within a Canvas lesson, on a website, etc. 


    If you want your video to play within a page on Canvas, follow these steps, or watch the short movie.

    • Once your Loom video has been created, look just below the video on the right side and click on the share icon.
    • Inside of the share menu, click the "</> Embed" option.
    • You can leave the video at responsive, or if you prefer, you can select a size. Then click the "Copy Code" button.


    • Now you are ready to bring it into your Canvas editor. Open the page, assignments, discussion, or whatever else you might want to past your Loom video into. Once in the editor, I like to type my instructions first. Then you will leave the "Rich Text Editor" by clicking the blue "HTML editor" link at the top of the editor. (See example below.)



    • The HTML editor will show you the computer code used to create your web page. Don't worry, you do not need to understand it. Simply move to the bottom of all of the code and place your cursor after the final text.  Hit "Enter" to create a new line, and then paste the embed code you copied from the Loom page.



    • The picture above shows the added embed code bracketd in red. Once complete, click the "Rich Content Editor" link to return to the friendly looking editor mode.
    • You can continue to edit and add additional text or videos above or below your newly added video.

    If you want to link a video or embed Loom videos within a page in Canvas, watch the short movie here.