Book Hold Request

  • If you would like to request a book that is currently unavailable, consider doing a book hold request. Just follow these steps.

    1. Go to the district's media website.

    2. Under "High Schools" select "Forest Lake Area High School"
      Screen Shot

    3. Confirm that you are at the "Forest Lake Area High School" and click "LogIn"
      Screen Shot

    4. Click the "Sign in with Google" and use your school account.
      screen shot

    5. Click "Catalog", type in your search term, click the appropriate search field (title, author, etc.)
      If you are not sure, try a "subject" search using terms like "mystery", "science fiction", "thriller", "romance", etc.
      screen shot

    6. When you find a book you want, click the book's availability link. This link will tell you if any copies are currently available for checkout.
      screen shot

    7. Click the "Status" for any copy of the book. 
      screen shot

    8. Click "Add Hold"
      screen shot

    9. Save your Request
      screen shot

    10. You can verify that you have successfully put books on hold under "Circulation"- "Holds/ILL" and look at the book or books listed.
      screen shot

    11. Looking for a good book? Consider looking through the resource lists created by Brockman. There are lots of great titles in each list, and the lists shown below are just some of the options. Just go to "Catalog" and click "Resource Lists" on the left.
      screen shots

COVID-19 Book Pick Up

  • Don't let COVID19 keep you from great books!

    During the mandatory distance learning experience, students are encouraged to request books from the media center.  Here's what you need to know.

    • Place books on hold by following the instructions at the left.
    • It is highly recommended that you only request books listed as "available" as books that are checked out may not be coming back in a timely manner.
    • Books placed on hold by noon on Wednesday may be picked up on Friday as part of the materials pick up routine.
    • Students will receive an email notifying them when books are ready for pick up. 
    • Books that are not picked up will be available for one additional week before they are returned to the media center.
    • Please drop off finished books when picking up new ones.
    • Students may request up to 3 books each week.


    • Reading is good for the brain and good for the soul.
    • Improve your grades, your test scores, and your future success one book at a time.
    • Participate in the Rangers Read Program. Read and record 10 books per year, and graduate with literary honors.