• Any time you are immersed in the world of technology, problems will arise. Working in Canvas and other distance learning applications may sometimes not go as planned. Below are some of the most likely techniques that may resolve your issues. Try these suggestions first, and if you cannot find a resolution to your problem, fill out the form below to get help from the high school's technology staff. 

    Make Sure You Are at the Correct Site:

    • A common problem seen with Canvas login issues is due to students being at the wrong login site.
    • DO NOT search for Canvas on the internet, as there are may Canvas logins out there.
    • There are a number of ways to correctly connect to Canvas.
      • Use the link on the high school's home page, labeled "Canvas (Students/Staff)"
      • Click on the Google application launcher (the 9 dots up near your Google user icon in the upper right of your email screen). Once you click the launcher, you will need to scroll down near the bottom to find the multi-colored rectangle labeled "Canvas"
      • Use the URL shortcut -

    Reboot Your Device:

    • Rebooting a device can fix a number of issues.
    • It is important that the device go through a full power cycle. Either use the "restart" option on the device, or hold the power button in for at least 5 full seconds to ensure the device has completely powered off.
    • For Canvas login-specific issues, following the reboot
      • Log into a Chromebook with the student's district user account.
      • If working on a non-Chromebook (Mac or Windows computer), what matters is that you are logged into Google as your district account only.

    Clear the Cache in Chrome:

    Try a Different Browser:

    • If you having troubles using Google Chrome, try Firefox. While other browsers may work, we recommend avoiding Safari or Microsoft browsers for Canvas & Google Docs.

    Try a Different Device:

    • Sometimes a problem can be caused by the device itself. For troubleshooting purposes, try using a different device or computer. This will help confirm if the account is the issue, or if it is the device. This can be useful information for tech support staff to know if you cannot resolve your issue.

    Ask for help:

    • The support staff at Forest Lake Area High School is here to help. They work with students and staff to solve problems big and small, but they can only help if you ask for it.