• You may need to submit a Google document (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) to your teacher using a Web URL. Usually this type of assignment has you create the Google doc on your own, and then you have to submit it to your teacher when you are done. The problem comes when your teacher cannot open your file because they do not have access privileges. Here is the solution:


    To submit a Google document via Web URL:

    • As usual, you will begin the process by clicking the maroon "Submit Assignment" button
    • The screen below will open.
      • Rather than pasting in a URL, click the "Google Drive" option. 
        screen shot - select Google Drive
    • The screen below will appear.
      • Search for your document by name.
      • The document will likely appear after you have typed in the first few letters.
      • Click the correct document to select it.
      • Click the "Link" button.
        screen shot - search, select, and link
    • The screen below will appear.
      • Add optional comments for your teacher.
      • Click the submit assignment button.
        screen shot - comment and submit
    • By submitting this way, you are assured that your document has been shared with your teacher for viewing and grading.
    • Well done!