Registration for Current 9th-11th Graders

  • Registration is an important process. For students who take time to read, plan, and reflect, it can help them formulate a plan into their future career.  The staff at Forest Lake Area High School are here to help guide students through this process. Using Xello, our school's career and education planning tool, staff assist students in learning about themselves and possible career pathways. 

    To prepare for registration, all current 9th through 11th grade students should work with their Ranger Connect teachers and their families to complete the following steps:

  • Step 1

    Verify all assesments are complete using the Xello check lists below.


    Step 2

    In your Xello "About Me Profile", review recommended Career Clusters and select a top career of interest.  Under the selected career, read about the career, its career path, and recommended education and training.





Important Dates

  • January

    • 10th: Extended Ranger Connect - Complete Xello Profile and share with your parent/guardian and Ranger Connect teacher.
    • 14th: Extended Ranger Connect - Intro to Xello Course Planner.
    • 14th - 30th: Complete the course planner
      • 7 credits of courses selected for next year
      • 3 credits of alternates selected (ranked by preference)
      • plan out additional high school years (if applicable) to ensure desired classes and prereqs will fit in space alloted
    • 31st: Review Course Planner in Ranger Connect


    • 1st: Complete Course Planner and submit in Ranger Connect
    • 3rd OR 8th anytime from 4-8pm: students and families meet with Ranger Connect Teacher to discuss and finalize student course plans