Student Logins

    • StudentVUE
      • Track your attendance, see your schedule, find your district login to email and other resources, see grade from previous years.

    • Canvas for Students
      • Find your classroom assignments, resources, and instructional materials in Canvas.

    • Request a Tutor
      • Complete this for to request help in any subject area. Students requesting will be matched up with students who have choosen to volunteer tutoring hours. Don't wait! Get help right away to keep troubles at bay.

    • Media Catalog
      • Search books, find and access audio books, and place books on hold. 

    • Parchment (Order Transcripts)
      • This self-service platform allows students to create an account and order official high school transcripts to be sent to the location of your choice.

    • Xello (High School Students)
      • Xello is our career learning and planning platform. Use Xello to plan for what comes next.

    • Community Education
      • Find classes and clinics to learn new things outside of standard school offerings.

Parent Logins