Registration for Current 8th Graders

  • Registration is an important process. For students who take time to read, plan, and reflect, it can help them formulate a plan into their future career. 

    To prepare for registration, all current 8th grade students should work with their Ranger Connect teachers and their families to complete the following steps:

Important Dates

  • January

    • 19th: High school deans visit the Middle School to deliver materials and information.
    • 14th - 30th: Students and families explore interests and plan out courses and alternates for next year.
    • 27th @ 7pm: Parent night at the high school auditorium
      • exploring the big picture
      • advanced placement courses
      • thinking beyond 9th grade
    • 30th: Final day to submit selected courses via the Google Form (this form is only available to a student logged into their district Google account)


    • 3rd OR 8th anytime from 4-8pm: students and families meet with Ranger Connect Teacher to discuss and finalize student course plans