Write a Review

  • After reading a book, share your opinion with potential future readers. You can just give it your star rating, or you can also include your reasons for the rating that you gave. Be sure that your review is appropriate for ALL audiences, and use good writing skills, as your name will be associated with your review.

  • 1. Go to the Destiny Discover catalog.

    2. Log in (link in upper right corner) using "Sign in with Google" and your district email account.


    3. Find the book you wish to review, and click on it. (Here are directions on finding a book if needed.)

    4. The "Title Preview" pane will open to the right. At the bottom of the pane, click "View More Details".

  • 5. Click the "Add Review" link.

    6. Click the number of stars you give the book, and write an optional review. Be sure to save when you are done.

    7. Reviews will be posted after being submitted and verified.