• Homebound Instruction


    Program Contacts:
    Kelly Lessman - Director
    Phone: (651)982-8129
    Fax: (651)982-8114

    Debbie LeGeault - Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (651)982-8131
    Fax: (651)982-8114

    Homebound instruction must be provided for all students who are anticipated to be absent 15 or more consecutive or non-consecutive days. Education is provided in the student's residence or a mutually agreed upon community location by a licensed educator. Typically students receive an average of five hours of educational service per week.
    Under normal circumstances, five (5) hours/week is required and is the maximum for homebound instruction for students in grades 1-12. A maximum of 6 weeks (30 school days) has been considered appropriate; however, chronic illness may require deviation from this limit. One (1) hour of Homebound Instruction (HBI) equals one day of school attendance.
    Principals/designee need to complete the Application for Homebound Instruction, which includes medical information and a medical doctor's signature indicating that a student cannot, for some medical reason, attend school. The building principal determines whether or not HBI is to be used. When the principal has the medical information indicating that a student will be absent for three weeks or more, HBI can be initiated. The Application for Homebound Instruction form is forwarded to the Director and assigned to a homebound instructor.

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