• Homebound Instruction

    Program Contacts:
    Kathryn Ungerecht - Secondary schools
    Phone: (651)982-8402
    Fax: (651)982-8594
    Julie Greiman - Elementary Schools
    Phone: (651)982-3301
    Fax: (651)982-3349
    Kelly Lessman - Director
    Phone: (651)982-8129
    Fax: (651)982-8114

    Homebound instruction must be provided for all students who are anticipated to be absent 15 or more consecutive or non-consecutive days. Education is provided in the student's residence or a mutually agreed upon community location by a licensed educator. Typically students receive five hours of educational service per week.
    Under normal circumstances, five (5) hours/week is required and is the maximum for homebound instruction for students in grades 1-12. A maximum of 6 weeks (30 school days) has been considered appropriate; however, chronic illness may require deviation from this limit. Additional time will need to be determined by the building principal and, where appropriate, the 504 team. One (1) hour of Homebound Instruction (HBI) equals one day of school attendance.
    Principals/designee need to complete the Application for Homebound Instruction, which includes medical information and a medical doctor's signature indicating that a student cannot, for some medical reason, attend school. The building principal determines whether or not HBI is to be used. When the principal has the medical information indicating that a student will be absent for three weeks or more, HBI can be initiated. The Application for Homebound Instruction form is forwarded to the Special Education Director and assigned to a homebound instructor.

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