• Aquatics

    A message from Jen Olson, Aquatics Supervisor:

    Swim All Year, Save Money!
    Let us help your child become a “swimmer”.

    If you sign up for two consecutive swim sessions during the school year you will get the third session for half price. Consecutive sessions would be fall, winter, spring (all in one school year) or any three sessions during the summer. No other discounts will apply.

    What does it mean to be a “swimmer”?

    There is no guarantee that everyone will be safe in the water at all times, but there are some general skills all “swimmers” should have.
    A “swimmer” should successfully be able to:

    • Swim a front crawl with rotary breathing for 25 yards
    • Swim on your back with a finning arm action and flutter kick or backcrawl for 25 yards
    • Jump or dive into deep water
    • Tread water in deep water for one minute
    • Back float in deep water for one minute
    • Change swim positions from front to back and back to front in deep water

    How to become a “swimmer”?

    Passing Levels 1-4 will give a swimmer most of these skills. Levels 5-7 will continue to work on all of the basic strokes, introduce the breaststroke, butterfly, and work on distance swimming!
    Pool Rules & Information
    The Forest Lake Area Schools Community Pool is 31/2 feet deep at the shallow end. Children under 50 inches must have a parent in the water with them during recreational swims. Children six years and older must use the appropriate locker rooms. Parents and friends may observe lessons but must remain in the bleacher area. There is a pool capacity of 75. Staff decisions concerning behavior and activities are for everyone’s safety. Copies of rules are posted in locker rooms and in the pool area. If school is closed due to inclement weather, all pool activities are canceled. 






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  • Confirmations
    You will receive a confirmation if you include an email address or if you register online. If you do not include your email when registering, you will not get a confirmation.

    If you need to cancel a class, you must do so a minimum of two working days before the class is scheduled to start. This does not apply to basic pool rental or swim party special. Please see course descriptions for more information.

    Forest Lake Area Schools
    Community Pool location:

    Education Center, Door 8
    943 SW 9th Ave, Forest Lake, MN
    Jennifer Olson
    (651) 982-8746