• Excellence Beyond Expectation


    Erin Daninger
    Class of 2010 

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    Dan Fick
    Class of 2010

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    Todd Fultz
    Class of 1986 



    Sarina Hannon
    Class of 2011



    Karla Hult
    Class of 1991 



    Nicole Lyons
    Class of 2009 



    The Kendrick Family

    Class of 1979, 2006, 2008 and 2010



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    Dean Maki
    Class of 1983  



    Evan Malm
    Class of 2010



    Randy Peterson
    Class of 1971 



    Britta Reierson
    Class of 1991 



     Tony Yang
     Class of 2010

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  • Success Stories from
    Forest Lake Area Schools

    Our school district is filled with wonderful stories about students from our schools who have found success in various ways. We are proud to present to you several of these outstanding individuals who are either current students, recent graduates or adult alumni. We hope you will enjoy them, and we also hope that our current students may find inspiration from these stories.

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    What Our Alumni Have To Say About
    Forest Lake Area Schools

    It's just so good for college prep. I was able to take a variety of classes in a lot of different areas, and I was basically able to go as far as I was willing to go. I never felt that I had hit a wall and I had learned all the stuff I could at the high school. 

    -Dustin Kendrick, Class of 2006
    Graduate of M.I.T., currently pursuing his Ph.D. in  bioastronautics


    Forest Lake Area Schools have really given me a lot of opportunities. Taking College in the Schools classes, I feel I have a huge advantage going to college. I have 20 to 23 (college) credits done, so that’s over a semester done for college. There are numerous advantages to going to Forest Lake Area Schools that I wouldn’t have had at many other school systems.

    -Erin Daninger, Class of 2010
    Agriculture Teacher at Little Falls Community High School
    2014 Graduate of University of Minnesota


    Forest Lake offered a surprising number of advanced courses intended for college preparation. The intense curriculum of the AP courses in particular helped me mentally prepare for college-level work, and also allowed me to develop study habits that have carried over into my college life.

    - Theresa Brenberg, Class of 2007
    Research Technician, University of Minnesota
    2011 Graduate of Notre Dame University


    The teachers there really inspired me; they really knew how to make the kids at ease in the classroom, and helped them to learn. They really helped me prepare for college.

    - Dean Maki, Class of 1983
    Chief U.S. Economist for Barclay's Capital
    Graduate of St. Olaf College and Stanford University (Ph.D.)


    Many of my teachers inspired me to think critically and go the extra mile. I am grateful for their passion for teaching and dedication to helping me achieve my goals.

    - Meredith (Schwarz) Hegseth, Class of 1999
    Investor Relations for JP Morgan, New York City
    2003 Graduate of Columbia University


    Forest Lake schools definitely give the student a very good opportunity to utilize the faculty and get ready for life after high school. I'm going to miss Forest Lake a lot.

    - Dan Fick, Class of 2010
    Professional hockey player, Wheeling Nailers (ECHL)
    2014 Graduate of Harvard University


    I think one of the most unique things about Forest Lake, that I look back on now, is the fact that it was a 'home town.' It was a great environment; everybody was connected, everybody was in it for you. It wasn't like you were just a number. Teachers went above and beyond, and really spent some extra time with me, which was really helpful.

    - Todd Fultz, Class of 1986
    Businessman and author of "The Year of Little Victories"


    You're able to do just about anything you really want to do. One of the things in high school that really did contribute a lot to me ultimately doing the things I did was participating in student government. It may sound kind of corny, but just learning little things like parliamentary procedure really makes a big difference when you start getting involved in politics and government. And I really became pretty comfortable with the idea of speaking in front of a group. Obviously, if you're going to go into law and politics, speaking in front of a group is essential, and I think that was very beneficial.

    - Judge Randolph Peterson, Class of 1971
    Former Minnesota State Senator and currently a justice on the Minnesota Court of Appeal