• School board liaisons

    Each school board member serves as a liaison to students, staff and parents at several school buildings. Liaisons attend school events, when possible, to answer questions, share information, and build relationships with the community.

    Columbus Elementary: Julie Corcoran, Jill Landstrom 

    Forest Lake Elementary:
     Alex Keto, Rob Rapheal

    Forest View Elementary:
     Alex Keto, Rob Rapheal

    Lino Lakes Elementary:
     Alex Keto, Kate Luthner

    Linwood Elementary:
     Jeff Peterson, Rob Rapheal

    Scandia Elementary:
     Alex Keto, Jill Landstrom

    Wyoming Elementary:
     Jeff Peterson, Gail Theisen

    Community School:
     Julie Corcoran, Gail Theisen

    Forest Lake Area Middle School:   Kate Luthner, Jill Landstrom

    Forest Lake Area High School: Kate Luthner, Gail Theisen 

    STEP:   Alex Keto, Gail Theisen

    Transportation Office:
     Julie Corcoran, Jeff Peterson 

    Adopted August 1, 2019