• Annual Financial Audits

    District receives clean audit

    (January, 2019) After conducting the annual audit in the fall of 2018, independent financial auditors found the Forest Lake Area School District's finances to be in good order and gave the district an unmodified, or clean, opinion. Year after year, our district has been given a clean opinion.

       “The School District finances are in good order.” said Aaron Nielsen, a principal of the auditing firm Malloy, Montague, Karnowski and Rodosevich. “There are no issues with financial accuracy or internal controls.”

       The audit report, which also compares our schools to other districts across the state shows that Forest Lake Area Schools continue to spend less money per student than the average state and metro districts.

       “Our staff works very hard to be accurate, efficient, and fiscally responsible,” said Larry Martini, Director of Business Services. “The results of this audit indicate that residents of our district can continue to be confident in the financial information and proud of the management of their schools.”