• Media Center Online Catalog (Destiny)

    Destiny is the software that is used by the entire Forest Lake Area School District to catalog and manage media center resources. Each school, including the high school, has its own library catalog of materials that are available to students and staff. To access the basic Destiny features for any forest lake school, visit the following web address:


    From the welcome screen, select the location you wish to explore, and click the link. (Most likely the FLHS link shown below.)
    Link Image

    Catalog Tab Once you are at the high school's media page, you will most likely want to search the catalog's offerings. Start by clicking on the "Catalog" tab.

    You can make a quick search using the basic search interface. From the basic search, you can search by title, author, subject, etc. After entering your search term(s), click the appropriate button below the search term to search by the correct category.
    Basic Search

    If you want to have the ability to narrow your search to more specific parameters, consider using the "Power" search. With a Power search, you can search by multiple terms. You can also limit media type, media age, and other specifics for the material that interests you.
    Power Search

    Results Once you execute either type of search, you will be given a list of possible materials. You can click the details button to see more about any particular item. If you wish to locate that item, be sure to record the call number for help finding the item. The beginning of the call number tells you where to look for a book:
    F = fiction
    PB = paperback
    a number = nonfiction
    SP = novels in Spanish