• Finding Books with Destiny Discover

    Destiny Discover is the software that is used to catalog and manage the high school media center books and other high school resources. Within Destiny Discover, you can search for books, review your checked out materials, renew books, and track what you have read. To begin using Destiny Discover, you can use the following link:

    or you can use the "Media Center Catalog" link under "Quick Links" on the high school's home page.

    Search Screen Capture SEARCHING:
    You can do a quick search using the search box at the top of the screen. If you want to have the ability to narrow your search to more specific parameters, use the Search Options button, so you can search by Author, Title, keyword, etc. Once you get results, you can narrow your results by using a filter.

    Once you execute your search, you will be given a list of results. Clicking on a book will display more details and a description. If you wish to locate a book, be sure to record the call number. The beginning of the call number tells you where to look for a book:

    F = fiction
    PB = paperback
    a number = nonfiction
    GN = graphic novel or book
    SP = novels in Spanish
    FR = novels in French
    Logging into Destiny Discover will allow you access to your account. To log in, simply click the "Log In" button in the upper right corner. Log in with Google, making sure you use your district Gmail account.
    Log In Bar
    Menu Options After you have logged in, click on the 3 lines in the upper left to see your menu choices. 
    The menu options, pictured at the right, indicates the most common things users want to manage.
    CHECKOUTS - (Shown below) Displays the materials a person has checked out. Materials can be renewed from this screen.
    FINES - (Shown below) Fines are usually generated when an item has been overdue for a long time. Overdue items become lost items after a matter of weeks. The fine represents the cost of a material if it cannot be returned. Once a lost item is returned and checked in, the fine will disappear from the system.
    HISTORY - Displays books checked out in the past. This is a great tool for completing your Rangers Read list.
    FAVORITES - These are books you mark for yourself. You can use this as a reading list, or keep a list of your favorites to share with friends.
    Items Checked OUt    Fines
    Books can be located in the media center with the use of their Call Number. Most books can be found alphabetically in the area designated. The one exception to this is in Nonfiction, where books are first organized numerically, and then when numbers are the same, alphabetically. Below are pictures showing were you will find each kind of book. 
    Remember, even if there is no one at the front desk, you can still check out books by using the self checkout sheets on the clipboard on the counter.
    Fiction Graphic Novels Nonfiction Spanish and French Paperbacks A view from the back of the media center