• There are a number of resources where students can access audio books. The first are audio books purchased by the high school and available to student through the online catalog. The second are free services that offer audio books of many classic novels. 



  • Popular/current fiction titles are available from the high school's online catalog. If you value this feature, please let Mrs. Brockman know, so she can expand the selection.

    To access FLHS Audio Books, you can search the Follett Shelf catalog for the high school. When asked to log in, use your district login and password. 

Free eBooks & Audiobooks using Sora

  • Forest Lake Schools now has free checkout access to audiobooks and ebooks through SORA, the student reading app. SORA provides the quickest and easiest way to get started with digital titles from our school. Students can simply log in using school credentials and instantly access hundreds of eBooks and audiobooks on virtually any device. Get started today by downloading the free Sora app for Android or iOS, or use the website. Follow the instructions below to get started.


    1. Download and open the Sora App to your phone or tablet
        Go to on any internet browser.

    2. Click "Find My School"

    3. Select "Forest Lake Schools District 0831"

    4. Click "Sign In Using Forest Lake School District 831

    5. Use your district Google account.

    6. Click "OK" to clear the "Blast Off" screen.

    7. You will see free books offered from Sora.

    8. Click the menu icon (hamburger).

    9. Click "+ Add Library"

    10. Type "melsa" in the search box and select "This is my library".

    11.  Go to the "Explore" icon (binoculars at the bottom of the screen) and enter a search term to look for a book. This could be a title, subject, author, etc.


    12. Your results will indicate if an item is available (it says borrow) or current checked out (you can place it on hold).

    13. To check out a book, click the "borrow" option. You should see a box pop up asking for your library. BE SURE TO SELECT "FOREST LAKE SCHOOL DISTRICT 0831", otherwise you will need your county library card.

    14. You will return to the search results, where you will need to click on "Borrow" a second time.