Accessing eBooks can be done 2 ways.
    • Go directly to the FLHS e-bookshelf
    • Directly from the high school Destiny card catalog system. Using the Destiny system, you can look for both printed and electronic resources at the same time. Go to the high school catalog at:
      • http://media.flaschools.org/
      • Click on the high school's link. 
      • Once you are logged in, you can go to the card catalog to search for books of interest. (For help with using the catalog, click here.) 

    On this results page, there are a number of resources listed. Many of them are print books, which may or may not be available on the shelves.

    eBooks can be identified by the "e" logo just under the resource title. Clicking on the resource title will bring you from the Destiny program into Follett Shelf where you can work with this resource.

    In this example, if I click on the title of the first eBook about Cleopatra and Egypt, I will arrive at the screen below.

    For research use, please DO NOT check out the book so that other students may access it once you are through. Click the "Open" button, and the book will be available for you to use until you are done. You may certainly return to this book in the same method at another time.

    For books that are unlimited, or for fiction books that you intend to download for reading on an electronic device, using the "Checkout" button offers advantages which will be explained in the section on "Reading Offline".