• To earn lit cords for graduation:
    • Students must read 10 complete novels each school year.Graduate with Literacy Cord
    • Novels can be read during summer vacation or anytime during the school year. 
    • Novels required for a class 
    • count towards the total if they are read in their entirety.
    • Students must record the books they are reading using this form which they should submit to their advisor.
    • Students must complete one “book talk” during each school year.
    • Advisory teachers keep ongoing records of students book lists, as well as their book talk in a Google spreadsheet. 
    • Advisors of seniors will submit the names of students who have completed the program and have earned a lit cord for graduation.
  • What is a book talk?

    Students wishing to earn literacy cords to be worn at graduation, must complete one book talk each year with their advisory teacher. The format of the book talk may vary, but most book talks will take one of two forms:
    1. The student shares their book in a verbal format to the rest of their advisory group.

    2. The student engages in a discussion about the book with their advisor. 
    Either format may include specific questions posed by the advisor to help students articulate characters, plot, connections or other aspects of the reading experience.
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