• Welcome to Kindergarten!



    Wyoming Elementary Kindergarten inspires learners to grow academically and socially each day through meaningful and highly engaging learning experiences. We have a deep commitment to an environment that sparks curiosity and encourages students to become lifelong learners. We balance hard work with fun and warmth while fostering independence! The Kindergarten curriculum provides focused instruction with ongoing opportunities for differentiation in a safe and welcoming environment.

    Social Emotional Learning: Kindergarteners will learn life skills throughout our year together. Our time is spent developing skills which include learning about the Zones of Regulation. Our Second Step curriculum helps students learn about identifying feelings, calming strategies, and solving problems. Kindergarteners also have a big job learning responsibility, both in and out of the classroom, and becoming a respectful member of the school and classroom environment. 


    Literacy:  We devote 120 minutes each day to literacy skills. We learn letter and sound recognition, and gain reading skills through the use of sight words, word families, phonics and phonemic awareness, and small group guided reading instruction. We devote 30 minutes each day to writing skills.


    Mathematics:  The Kindergarten math program uses a hands-on approach.  Students learn patterns, number sense, number writing and counting, sorting, shapes, and basic addition and subtraction. These are taught through daily lessons, number talk opportunities, calendar math, interactive learning centers, manipulatives and technology.


    Social Studies and Science: Kindergarten students engage in units focused on living vs. non-living things, wants vs. needs, weather, and various animal life-cycles. We also really enjoy investigating guppies in the classroom in the springtime. 

    Art and Technology are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Your child will use art projects to develop strong fine motor skills. Each Kindergarten classroom is also equipped with Ipads for each student, which are used for a wide variety of individualized instruction. 


    In addition to classroom learning, students meet with a media/library specialist, music specialist and physical education specialist during each week. 


        Mrs. Kubitschek Mrs. Navara Mrs. Urness

    Mrs. Kubitschek                  Mrs. Navara                       Mrs. Urness