• Welcome to Fourth Grade!

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    Language Arts: Fourth-grade curriculum centers around an integrated language arts program.  All of our reading and writing skills, as well as the spelling, is taken directly from the literature we are reading. With the help of the Pearson Scott Foresman Reading Street Series, students experience a wide variety of genres, which include both fiction and nonfiction.

    Mathematics:  The central objective of our math program is to support students' learning about numbers, number relationships, and number operations through the key content areas of mathematics, work with numbers, work with data, and work with geometry.  

     Science:  Our science is an inquiry-based program where students get to experience first hand the discovery and observation processes scientists use.  The science themes we learn about are matter, water cycle, and electricity.

    Social Studies:  Throughout the year in social studies, fourth graders focus on the regions in the United States.  They learn the geography of these regions, as well as their history, industry, and people.

    Art & Technology: Are implemented into all areas of our curriculum. 

    Fourth graders meet with a media specialist for 30 minutes and a music specialist for 60 minutes each week.  They enjoy physical education for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. 



       Mr. Janiszewski Ms. Rice Ms. Vinzant


    Mr. Janiszewski

    Ms. Rice

    Ms. Vinzant