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    Welcome to music at Wyoming Elementary! In the music room we will sing, play instruments, listen to, describe, and compose music as well as learn skills that are applicable to your other classroom subjects and the world! 


    My name is Francois Harewood and I am excited to explore the many dimensions of music with the students in my class and by extension, their families. We will learn the skills necessary to interact with instruments from the percussion, wind, keyboard and string families over the course of their time here. My goal is to make music fun, engaging and relevant to help increase music literacy for future generations.


    Below are a few snapshots of what is happening in your student's music class: 



    Kindergarten music is all about steady beat and opposites.  High and low, fast and slow, and loud and quiet are all ideas we explore.  We also learn and identify different voices like our talking voice, whisper voice, calling voice and of course, our singing voice.  Exploring music through movement and an introduction to pitched and unpitched percussion instruments are also important elements of the Kindergarten curriculum.


    1st Grade

    The first grade music curriculum includes reading and spelling songs with ta, ta-di, and quarter rests.  Sol and Mi are also reinforced, adding La to their solfege repertoire as the year progresses.  In first grade they continue to practice using their singing voices as well as the introduction of mallet instruments like the xylophone and metallophone.  




    Second graders delve deeper into solfege, adding low Do to their Mi, Sol, La repertoire.  They also expand their rhythmic vocabulary, adding half and whole notes as well as their rest equivalents. In second grade music class they learn to identify and play with proper technique on a variety of percussion instruments and expanding on ones previously learned.


     3rd Grade

    In third grade, we start the process of reading note names on the staff. This is tied together with learning the recorder as they work on matching their singing voice and rhythms with the sounds produced by the recorder.  We also complete expand our solfege to the pentatonic scale with the addition of Re (Do Re Mi Sol La). 


     4th Grade

    In our fourth grade music classes, we review note names and rest types. In preparation for learning the ukulele, we review how to read the music staff and how to count the rhythms. As students begin to develop their fine motor skills on the ukuleles, this is coupled with instruments in their arsenal from previous grades where they are able to expand their knowledge and techniques to be holistic musicians.


     5th Grade

    In fifth grade, students review musical concepts and continue to learn proper singing technique as wells as how to sing with good posture.  They will spend the beginning of the year in preparation for an annual concert series called Big Sing as well as their own school concert later in the year. In addition to singing, we will continue reviewing and learning new musical concepts such as note names, rhythms and how to read the bass and treble clef.  In fifth grade, they will also hone in on their musicianship and music reading literacy to help prepare them for their sixth grade choice of band, choir or orchestra.


     Band, Choir and Orchestra

    Students in grade 6 choose between band, choir, and orchestra. All three groups meet at the same time twice a week with additional group lessons given to band and orchestra to help develop techniques on like instruments. All three groups aim to create an equally fulfilling experience focusing on music literacy, ensemble performing skills and exposure to diverse repertoire. These skills among others creates a springboard for those interested in careers in music, performing music leisurely as well as being the intellectual music listeners of the future. 


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     Music Class

    Band and Orchestra

    Students in grade 6 choose between band, orchestra, and general music class.  Group lessons for band and orchestra are provided once a week, as well as one large group rehearsal per week starting in November.  We also provide an all-district band or orchestra experience on Saturdays at Forest Lake High School in the spring.  This is by invitation only.  In May a concert is given at the high school allowing students an opportunity to perform with a full band or orchestra in a performance facility.

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