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    Core Values for Alternative Options and the ALC
    We as a community will create and maintain a positive inclusive learning environment which fosters the skills to thrive through social emotional development and college and career readiness.
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    ALC (A New Name for our school will be identified soon!)

    The ALC of FLAS is located in the heart of Forest Lake MN.  We offer a range of alternative academic programming based on the knowledge, skills and experience they will need to have success in the classroom and to be future contributors to a global economy.


    The Vision Statement for the ALC reflects the feelings and spirit of our school.  The staff members at the ALC believes that all students can and will learn. We face many challenges and barriers, however through our  individualized and unique delivery method of instruction and smaller class sizes we meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.  Our staff members are passionate, professional, and they are well trained in many interventions that help our students who have experienced trauma thrive.  We all care deeply about the education and support that we give our students to succeed. We understand that high school is a critical growth period for our students which requires a healthy learning environment.  The journey of each student is different based on their learning style and current personal and educational situation. We are dedicated in helping our students with outside supports within our community partnerships including school based mental health and chemical health counseling.


    Our instructional setting looks different with flexible seating, project based learning and smaller class sizes.  The ALC is a proactive option for students who need additional support with instruction and a different delivery method of instruction.  We believe that students meet their full potential by producing high levels of engagement through positive relationships and a healthy learning environment.  We have students with different gifts and strengths that need to be recognized and will be supported through our ALC High School. Our school is an option for students who may align with the non-traditional classroom setting.  


    We offer many online opportunities and programs for students.  Please visit our website for different programming opportunities for students.  It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Area Learning Center of Forest Lake Area Schools.

    Strengthening a Positive Climate for Learning

    New District-Wide Bullying Prevention Form Available

    In a continuing effort to prevent bullying and quickly deal with any bullying that occurs, Forest Lake Area Schools has launched a new district-wide procedure for identifying and reporting bullying behavior. If you believe that your child, or a student you know is being bullied, please fill out this Bullying Reporting Form. The form can be filled out online, but must be printed and signed before it is turned in at any school office in the district. Paper copies of the form are also available at each school building and the Community Education office. For more information about bullying prevention in Forest Lake Area Schools, visit the bullying resource page here.




    All students will graduate from high school with the skills to pursue and be successful in a high skilled career of their choosing, and kindle their innate desire for lifelong learning. 
    We, as a community, will create relationships with our students; supporting them academically, socially, and emotionally in order to celebrate their graduation from high school.  All students will be prepared for future academic and career success. 

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