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    November 26 & 27

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    Columbus families,

    It was announced at last night’s School Board meeting that our elementary and middle schools will be moving into full Distance Learning 2.0 beginning December 3rd as a result of the increased spread of the virus and mounting challenges around staffing. We know that this decision brings many mixed emotions for everyone involved.  As a school district, we are continually reevaluating our learning model and the impact it has on our students, staff, and families.  There are multiple data points that go into making large-scale decisions like this one and we do not take those decisions lightly.  No matter the learning model we are extremely committed to providing a high-quality education system for our students.  

    Our schools will continue to hold high expectations for our students.  Our amazing staff is working diligently to implement a well-rounded plan including food services, childcare, academics, etc.  Because we value connections with our students and our families, we will prioritize maintaining and strengthening relationships.  This experience with Distance Learning 2.0 will be vastly different than the experience from last spring.  We are committed to you and your children.  Together, we will continue to make the most of this year.  

    We would like to begin collecting information from families who may need to borrow a school-owned device such as a Chromebook.  Our goal is to get technology into the hands of our learners for those in need. We will prioritize loaning devices to our students who need them beginning with 6th-grade students and work our way through grade levels in descending order.  

    • Please fill out this link if your child is in need of a school-owned device by Wednesday, Nov. 25th  
    • Finally, we understand some of you already have our Chromebooks in your possession- no need to use the link above. 
    • For all, you will be required to sign the loan agreement form, click here
    • Turn-in page one of the loan agreement to the office when appropriate. 

    To ensure our staff has the essential time to implement our district’s shift, there are some calendar changes you should note:

      • Wednesday, November 25 - last day of hybrid learning
      • Monday, November 30* - Professional development day for staff, no school for students
      • Tuesday and Wednesday, December 1-2 - Transition planning days for staff. 
        • No school for preschool, elementary, middle school, or STEP students. 
        • Students in grades 9-12 and Ranger Academy elementary students will have their regularly scheduled distance learning days.
      • Thursday, December 3 - First day of distance learning
      • Friday, December 4 - Second day of distance learning 
    • In summary no school for students on Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and 2

    We understand that some families will have childcare needs during this upcoming period of Distance Learning 2.0. The link to the childcare program. 

    You will receive more detailed information about Distance Learning 2.0 in the near future from your child’s teacher(s) and other staff.  I can assure you that your child will have a high-quality Distance Learning 2.0 experience. 

    Giving all of you lots of thanks.  We have a lot to be thankful for!

    Working together,

    Mr. Fox




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  • It is the Columbus Elementary School's mission to provide an educational environment that will:

    • Foster creative thinking and problem solving skills for independent learning in a changing world.
    • Recognize and provide for each student's emotional, academic, social and physical needs.
    • Assist students in realizing their individual values.
    • Challenge and support each student as they strive for excellence.
    • Support and encourage student, staff, family and community wellness and model a positive attitude towards each other, students and the learning environment.