COVID-19 Testing Resources

  • Testing Information and Locations are available from the State of Minnesota's Find Testing Locations page.

    IMPORTANT: If you are using the test to request a shortened quarantine it MUST be a PCR (molecular) test. Antigen tests will not be accepted.

    About Testing for COVID-19: A Positive is a Positive  

    There are two types of COVID-19 diagnostic tests: molecular and antigen.  

    A positive COVID-19 test (molecular or antigen test) means the person who took the test has COVID-19 and can spread it to others. If you get a positive test result, you should stay home and away from others. This advice does not change if you get a second test that is negative.  

    Your close contacts will also be asked to stay home and away from others (quarantine). This advice does not change if they get tested and the result is negative.  

    It generally is not recommended that people get tested again after getting a positive result. However, those who work in health care and long-term care may need to retest to confirm a negative result.

    Types of COVID-19 Tests


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