Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Forest Lake Area Schools Strategic Plan


  • Prepare and empower every student to thrive in and contribute to an ever-changing world


  • Excellence for Every Student Every Day


  • We believe that in Forest Lake Area Schools:

    • Educational equity is the foundation of everything we do
    • All students deserve highly qualified, high-performing educators
    • Each student can learn and excel in an environment developed to meet their individual needs
    • Each individual has value for their diverse talents, background and cultures
    • Collaboration between school, home and community has a positive impact on all stakeholders
    • Transparency and open communication are the hallmarks of an educational community that builds trust and strong partnerships
    • The best interest of each student guides all decisions

Plan document

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    Forest Lake Area Schools Strategic Plan document


Goals and Objectives:

Excellence in high-quality instruction

  • Goal 1: Achieve the goals of the World's Best Workforce for all students in the school district

  • Goal 2: Attract, develop and retain highly qualified, high performing educators

Excellence in equitable learning opportunities

  • Goal 3: Identify and transform systems that contribute to inequities

Excellence in fostering personal well-being in a safe and respectful environment

  • Goal 6: Create a safe, inclusive learning environment that fosters personal well-being

Excellence in career, college and future preparedness

  • Goal 4: Develop and enhance each student's academic, technical and professional skills to equip them in identifying and preparing for their career path

  • Goal 5: Engage students in learning systems that foster life skills both in and out of the classroom.

Collaboration with families, partners and the community

  • Goal 7: Provide communication that enhances collaboration between our schools and families

  • Goal 8: Seek out, enhance and build family and community partnerships to meet the needs of each student

Achieving excellence in communication and outreach

  • Goal 9: Create a community of communities

  • Goal 10: Promote and celebrate the opportunities that make the Forest Lake Area School District an education leader