• Our Strategic Plan

    Strategic planning is a way to bring the community into a process that sets the direction of the school district. It allows our district to focus its time and resources toward results agreed upon by educators and community members. It ensures all of our stakeholders have a say in what their schools will look like in the future.

    The development of a strategic plan is not a one-time event. Rather, it is an on-going process that will allow our schools to continue planning strategically for years to come. Each plan is developed for a five year period and expires at the end of that time. During those five years, it is a "living document" that is open to change each year to ensure it is meeting the needs and reflecting the values of the community.

    For many years, Forest Lake Area Schools has been guided by strategic plans that have been periodically changed and updated, and they have enabled the district to better meet the needs of the community it serves. Each strategic plan has a lifespan of about five years, with updates and adjustments occurring annually through a committee made up mostly of community members. As of the end of the 2011-2012 school year, our strategic plan expired. A new plan was developed over the summer by our strategic planning committees, which were made up of parents, students, district staff and community members. That new plan was approved by the school board in August of 2012, and now our district's mission is to start implementing the components of the plan.