• A look at the district's budget

    When we talk about the district’s budget, we often focus on the general fund portion which accounts for more than $70 million each year. The general fund pays for most of the costs associated with educating students. However, the state also requires us to establish budgets for several other areas, including food service, community service (our Community Education program), debt service, and trust and agency.

    State law carefully prescribes how we are to spend money in each fund and prevents us from shifting funds from one budget to another.

    2016-2017 Budget Expenditures
    (approved by school board June 2016)

    General FundFood Services Community Services Construction Debt Services OPEB Debt 
    TOTAL All Funds 
     $71,100,000$3,682,394 $4,310,706$70,400,000  $5,960,000$530,000  $500,000 $155,983,100
    Pays for educational expenses, teachers, support staff, supplies, textbooks, etc.
    Pays for school meals programPays for Community Education programsPays for voter approved building bond construction expensesPays for principle and interest on voter-approved bondsOriginally funded the medical insurance trustTrust for medical insurance   
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    Budget information is available for public review. If you cannot find answers to your questions here, please call the Business Services Director at (651) 982-8125.