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What is Ranger U?

Ranger U is a concept that allows students be completely immersed in their high school experience while earning college credits.

Many students today feel they need to choose between the richness of high school (athletics, extra-curricular activities, social events, etc.) and starting college early as a PSEO student to save on college tuition.

Ranger U is the ability of students to remain in high school, with all of its rich experience, while earning college credit (free of charge) through a variety of options.

How does Ranger U work?

Students have the following options for earning college credits.

Advanced Placement
(AP) Courses

AP courses are classes taught by FLHS teachers with specialized training and certification to prepare students to take an end-of-year AP exam. Depending on students' scores on the AP exam, college credits can be earned in a variety of subjects.


Concurrent Enrollment/

Concurrent enrollment courses are classes offered at Forest Lake Area High School where students are also dually enrolled into an accredited college program. The classes take place at FLHS, with FLHS staff, but work is submitted and approved by the partnering college. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn college credits from the partnering university or college. FLHS has established concurrent enrollment classes with the University of Minnesota, Southwest State University, Pine Technical and Community College, and Hennepin Technical College.


Articulated Courses

Articulated courses at FLHS have the potential of resulting in college credit from certain community or technical colleges. For the credit to be offered, an articulation agreement must be signed by the student, the FLHS teacher and the collaborating college instructor. Such agreements must be created and signed yearly, so it isn’t possible to list courses as “articulated” prior to the start of school.

Area One: Languages

AP English Language & Composition, AP English Literature & Composition, CIS University Writing & Critical Reading, CIS Introduction to Literature, CIS Advanced Public Speaking

Area Two: Sciences

AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C: Mechanics I and II, CIS Animal Science

Area Three: Mathematics

AP Calculus I, AP Calculus II, AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, CIS Basics & Applied Statistics, CIS College Algebra Through Modeling

Area Four: History and Social Sciences

AP US History, CIS US History to 1880, CIS US History beyond 1880, AP World History, AP Psychology, CIS Macro Economics, CIS Micro Economics, CIS Political Science

Area Five: World Languages

Spanish IV, Spanish V, French V, AP Spanish Literature

Area Six: Arts

AP Art History, AP Music Theory, AP Art Studio

Area Seven: Career and Technical Education

Intro to Health Care, Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Microsoft Office,  Plant Science Concepts, Landscape Design and Construction, Greenhouse Technologies, Intro to Metals, Welding and Machine Tool, Exploring Childhood, Engineering and Drafting 1